Land Banking

The concept of land banking is fast becoming the new oil in Nigeria. The word implies what it is. Land banking is a real estate investment scheme that entails buying large parcels of underdeveloped land for future sale or investment with a view to making huge profit from it. Rather than putting money into a savings account or the stock market (which would yield minimal interest and is quite unpredictable), smart entrepreneurs and investors have taken to property acquisition as a means of maximizing returns within a period of time. Land bankers understand the language of real estate investment, they understand how cities grow and understand that only Real Estate has the capacity to yield best returns with minimal effort and risk.

Benefits of Land Banking Investments


Land banking can grow up to 5,000 times more in value when done right. When a property is acquired for a minimum amount of money, its value appreciates overtime and is reinvested by the investor which can give a more profitable even double the initial investment amount thereby leading to a high return of investment to the investor.


The idea of having a steady flow of income is a positive scope of being a real estate investor. This brings about financial rewards for a long period of time. Real estate investment when done right can provide a stable means to increase wealth over a long period of time.


To create a safe nest for your kids, what better way to secure their future through an investment plan other than through land banking? It’s Safe, Secure and Trustworthy. In order to add value to their future, land banking is clearly the way to go.


Riverdale County I & II

Riverdale County Estates I and II, is located along the beautiful Mpape extension with its lush green vegetation. The estate has beautiful scenery and is sandwiched between mountains and streams that flow year long. The attraction of the estate is not limited to the fact that it is bounded by other estates and it is also a 15 minutes drive to the city center also it is in a close proximity to the Abuja computer village, Nnamdi Azikiwe Intl airport. Investing in Riverdale guarantees high return on investments.

Brampton Estate & Palmspring Estate

ocated along the proposed major Mpape – Nyanya – Karshi express way. It is an accessible estate close to future social amenities. It’s beautiful scenery and natural vegetation makes the location very attractive. The estate is a 15 minutes drive to the Federal Secretariat, Central Business District and a 45 minutes drive to the Nnamdi Azikiwe International airport, Abuja. Our estate is a great investment because of the dual carriage road under construction linking Maitama-Gurku-Keffi road and the diplomatic layout.